Cornwall Tourism Guide


Boscastle is a fishing harbour and was once a small seaport and village on the northern coast of Cornwall. Boscastle is about five miles north east of Arthur’s town, Tintagel.  The village takes its name from the 12th Century Norman Bottreaux Castle, with moat and fortress. Although the area is used as a port it is not easy for vessels to access and they often have to be hauled in by hawsers. Rising up from the edge of the harbour there is a hill that is the site containing the remains of a Norman castle.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from Willapark Point is the historic parish church of St. Symphonian Forrabury. The tower of the church has no bells and legend has it that a ship with bells ringing was wrecked as it entered the harbour and the lost bells, it is said, can still be heard from beneath the waves.

The coastline around Boscastle is wildly beautiful, its abrupt cliffs face the ocean and this line is broken only by small, picturesque, coves, known as Crackington Cove and Pentargon Cove respectively. Inland there is a stretch of bare moor that is broken up by some narrow dales.

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