Cornwall Tourism Guide

Land’s End

Land’s End is an area of Cornwall that is renowned for the wonderful views of the Cornish coastline available from the craggy granite face of the area. Land’s End is at the southern most tip of the British Isles and the length of Britain’s coastline is often measured from Land’s End in the South, to John ‘o’ Groats in the far North. The measurement is used for marking the distance of charitable sporting events.

Land’s End has been in private ownership since 1987 and the present owners have held the land along with John ‘o’ Groats, since 1996. The area does attract a lot of visitors who are charged a fee for visiting and enjoying what the area has to offer. After years of neglect, in the closing years of the twentieth century Land’s End became a tourist attraction with a huge theme park and several annual events. Visitors can stroll around and enjoy the stunning views of this part of the Cornwall coastline and relax with a meal and a drink at the area’s hotel. Along with the hotel and the theme park, Land’s End also has several gift shops and a number of other attractions for visitors to enjoy.

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