Cornwall Tourism Guide


Tintagel is in Cornwall, from where the Arthurian legends spring. Tintagel is more a village than a town and it is situated on the North Cornwall coast and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The area boasts a wonderful coastline and the visitor can enjoy the stunning views on offer in this historic part of the UK.

Bird watchers flock to Tintagel because its wide variety of plant and fern life attracts many different species of birds to the area. Tintagel and the surrounding area have been extensively excavated over the years, including a hollow in the rock at the south side of the area’s highest point, which is known as King Arthur’s footprint. The known history of this area stretches back into antiquity and it is thought that King Arthur’s footprint was once a place used for the inauguration of kings and chieftains.

The most famous tourist attractions of this part of Cornwall are the remains of Tintagel Castle believed to be associated with King Rather. For those people who visit Cornwall for the beaches as well as the history, one of the finer beaches on this part of the coast of Cornwall is  Trebarwith Sand, which is around thirty minutes walk from the village.

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