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It’s hard to know where to start when you are describing Cornwall. It is a southwestern peninsula and is home to the southern most part of Britain, the Lizard. The wild beauty of Bodmin moor runs into tranquil villages and onto a rugged coastline, which boasts the best surfing beaches in the UK. It is a county steeped in tradition and floklore, and is a fascinationg place to visit.

One of the most famous legends is that of the Cornish Piskie. These are a race or tribe of mischievous fairies who are small in stature with bright red hair. They are said to helpful to those who need it, but prankish side to their nature is said to have caused many a traveller to become hopelessly lost on the moors thanks to their mis-directions.

These little folk are revered throughout Cornwall, and most of the souvenirs will contain an image of a Piskie. Some say Cornwall is far enough away from London to not have been dragged into the hectic way of life that blights most of England. It is true that many of the older locals seem to still belong to a bygone age, and many still speak the recognised minority language of Cornish.

There is a lot more to Cornwall than folklore and superstition. The likes of Newquay, Perranporth and Penzance have become major holiday resorts, attracting visitors from home and abroad. The north coast in particular attracts huge crowds for the surfing. These are dangerous for beginners and there are warnings but some seem to take it as a challenge, and many fail miserably.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Cornwall is the amazing Eden Project at Boldeva. Those famous glass domes which are on television so regularly are jaw dropping when you see them up close. Eden was created to show us how much we relied on our natural environment and the damage we were doing to it through this dependency. It aims to teach you how to adapt your lifestyle to preserve our planet and become more ecologically aware.

If you go to Cornwall you will need a place to stay, and what could be better that a holiday cottage surrounded by all of the natural beauty this county has to offer. Punch ‘holiday cottages in Cornwall’ into an Internet search engine and see the results you get, including companies such There really is a holiday cottage to suit everyone. You will get the size and style you want in the location you want, guaranteed.

There are holiday parks, hotels, guest houses etc in abundance in Cornwall, but the holiday cottage is far and away the most popular accommodation. There is something charming and magical about a little holiday cottage nestling in the coutryside or beside a river. It just feels right to stay in a cottage  in Cornwall.

So have a look on the Internet and see the choice of holiday cottages there are available. You may be one of the lucky ones and pick one which has a Piskie at the bottom of the garden.

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