Cornwall Tourism Guide

Biking and cycling holidays in Cornwall

Some people enjoy quiet holidays that allow themselves the opportunity to relax, but other people are not happy unless they have some type of activity or event that will keep them busy the whole time.

If you are looking to fill your holiday with activities you might want to check out the great biking and cycling holidays that Cornwall have to offer. With plenty of trails to offer, cyclists regularly choose Newquay for their holidays. It is easy to hire cycles from the local bike hire shops so that they can have a great time while outside. The following are the top cycling trails in the area if you are looking to plan out the perfect Newquay holiday.

First up is The Camel Trail which is easily the popular cycling trail in the UK. It runs from Padstow to Bodmin and Wadebridge and offers plenty of scenic views across the Cornish countryside. There are a lot of cottages in Cornwall that are located just off the Camel Trail that allow easy access to the trail so you can spend hours cycling and still return to your nice cottage at the end of the day. This is one reason why Cornwall is a top cycling holiday destination.

The Camel Trail is regularly maintained, managed, and promoted from a partnership that is composed of many different community groups that all work together. The Trail is easily traveled by more than 350,000 users per year.

This particular 18 mile stretch near Cornwall offers less traffic then other stretches and it is almost level with a smooth surface making cycling enjoyable and carefree. While on holiday make sure to follow the railway line out as you head through the Camel Estuary from Wadebridge to Padstow and pass through the Camel Valley seeing many great scenic country views.

Another great trail to explore is the Pentewan Valley Trail which is one of the newer trails in the Cornwall area that is commonly referred to as a mini-Camel Trail. The trail is generally free of traffic and is also fairly level as it passes around sluice pounds, across wetland, and right through the middle of the White Rive which offers some great oak woodland. It is a great trail if you want to go out cycling with the entire family. Car parks are on both ends of the trail making it easy to head from your cottage to the trails.

Finally, for the cycling enthusiast a Cornwall holiday would not be complete without a stop to the Crantock Beach which is composed of caves, sand dunes, and rock ponds that offer sparkling clean water. It is worth it to stop by the rock pools for a little bit of time because they are home to plenty of aquatic fish and some very unique marine plants. The hills along the trail are much more challenging due to the hills making them a great fit for cyclists that are looking for something athletically challenging while they are on holiday so they can go home feeling accomplished.

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