Cornwall Tourism Guide

Camping in Cornwall

2Let’s face it, camping is one of those pastimes that falls into the Marmite category; you love it or you hate it. The fact remains, however, that camping today bears not the slightest resemblance of camping in days gone by, with dad struggling for hours to get the tent up only for it to fall down again, burnt sausages and sheltering under canvas while the rain beats down and a pan catching the drops coming through the inevitable leak.

Camping today is undergoing a massive rejuvenation as a cost effective way of still getting a holiday, something the Brits simply refuse to give up despite the tough economic climes. Modern tents are large, spacious and are effectively canvas homes with separate bedrooms and living areas, add in a few home comforts such as inflatable mattresses and you’re all set for a great holiday.

There are many great places to go camping in the UK, but few tick as many boxes as Cornwall. With so much to do and so many places to see, it is little wonder that this south west county has won numerous tourism awards and has frequently been voted as the best holiday destination in the UK. Old meets new in Cornwall, with tiny, quaint villages only a short drive from modern towns.

Wherever you choose to stay in Cornwall you are close to numerous activities and attractions, and camping in Cornwall gives you the luxury of coming and going as you please and simply getting up in the morning, deciding where you want to go and disappearing for the day. Take a picnic or simply go with the flow, the sweeping countryside and miles of coastline are there for the taking.

While there are small sites especially for campers or those with touring caravans, the top holiday parks also have areas designated for those who prefer to take this kind of holiday as opposed to booking a stay in a static caravan. By booking a spot at one of these parks you can also make the most of the facilities that are on offer there, and parents can take advantage of the kids clubs to enjoy some quiet time together.

If your dog is very much a member of the family and you wouldn’t dream of leaving your beloved pooch behind, the good news is that many parks are dog friendly if you are camping as there is no chance of their caravans being damaged by an unruly pet. There may be designated exercise areas and you will, of course, be expected to clean up after them but as this is something all responsible dog owners do anyway it’s not a problem.

Camping is the ultimate combination of freedom and cost effectiveness, and it is little wonder that it becoming so popular again. Even those who remember miserable camping holidays from their childhood are giving it a go again and realising that this is a great way to get out and see the best of what Cornwall has to offer, without any chance of breaking the bank.

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