Cornwall Tourism Guide

Cornwall cottage holidays are the ideal getaway

2If you are thinking about staying at home for this years holidays then no doubt you will have been looking at what the UK has to offer and trying to find somewhere that suits all your needs and requirements. If you have not already done so, then you should be seriously considering Cornwall, as this most south westerly county has everything you could possibly want from a holiday, combined with the best weather you will find in the United Kingdom.

There really is nothing bad you can say about Cornwall, when you consider that it is an area steeped in legend and folklore, had numerous towns and villages to explore, some of the best beaches you will find anywhere in the world and a cuisine to satisfy even the most discerning of gastronomes then you can see why it has been voted the top holiday destination in the UK numerous times.

A seamless blend of the old and the new, Cornwall is a completely unique county and as far as holidays are concerned, it is unsurpassed. When it comes to accommodation, the fancy hotels are all well and good if you want to live by a timetable during your holiday, but if you want the luxury of complete freedom to explore coast and country then your ideal choice would be one of the many quality holiday cottages in Cornwall.

Cornwall cottages come in, literally, every size and shape you can imagine, and it is just as easy to find one for a cosy tête-à-tête or one for a large group of 20. As these are peppered throughout Cornwall in all the best locations, the key is to finding one that makes exploring easy and allows you to travel from north to south, east to west, and get the most out of your stay here that you possibly can.

Tintagel, Newquay, Looe, Perranporth, St Ives, Land’s End, all wonderful places with their own unique charm and all waiting to be discovered by the traveller hungry to experience a culture far removed from every other part of Britain. The Arthurian legend that dominates Tintagel makes it an almost magical place to visit, whilst the coastline at Newquay has made it the surfing mecca of the UK.

Even those who have never visited the area will instantly recognise the iconic biomes of the Eden Project, one of Britain’s most popular tourist attractions. There is more going on here than many realise, and a visit here is not only fascinating but also thought provoking and a real eye opener. The ultimate eco-friendly attraction, you are educated here in the best possible way in all the different ways you can help the environment, many you won’t even have realised.

Whether you want to visit the attractions and places listed here, or have a few of your own in mind, the best place to start is to have a look at the Cornwall cottages and book yourself the perfect retreat in the perfect holiday destination.

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