Cornwall Tourism Guide

Cornwall cottages cream teas and ideal holidays

2There are two words that go together like fish and chips or jam and bread when it comes to holidays in the UK; Cornwall and cottages. The stunning south west county is best known for its beaches, its pasties and its cream teas, and while these can still be found in abundance, a change has occurred in Cornwall in recent times in the fact that it is now a Mecca for surfers, gastronomes and environmentalists, yet the cottage remains the accommodation of choice.

When you look at the choice of Cornwall cottages available, it is easy to see why as they are located in the heart of the countryside, by the sea, and everywhere in between. From the very north to the furthest south, there are cottages to suit every taste and requirement, whether you want a cosy cottage for 2 or somewhere to call home for 20 people for the duration of your stay.

Visitors who come to Cornwall today have got it better than ever before, they can visit the Michelin starred restaurants, taking in the surfing on the immaculate coastline around Newquay then take their buckets and spades to a quiet cove before having a pasty and a cream tea before heading back to their cottage.

The seamless blend of the past and present make this county the most unique you will find, throw in the legends and the folklore of the place and you have all the ingredients for a real holiday to remember.

Whether you want to visit Tintagel with its links to the Arthurian legend or go way down south to Penzance and its Piskies, there will be a cottage in the area you want to be, or why not book one right in the middle so you can visit both? This also opens up the opportunities for you to visit Bodmin Moor, St Austell, Newquay, Land’s End, Liskeard, St Ives and numerous other place of interest.

As it takes only 2 hours to drive from Bude in the extreme north to Land’s End, it makes perfect sense to find a cottage in the middle of Cornwall so you can get anywhere, literally, in an hour or less. As it is only just over an hours drive from coast to coast at its widest point, this is one small county simply full to bursting with everything anyone could ever want from a holiday, and the millions of visitors who return here year after year are testament to this.

The modern holiday cottages that are available in Cornwall today tend to have that appealing rustic exterior but contain everything you need for a real home from home. There are so many to choose from you will never be disappointed, and knowing you have them to return to at the end of the day is no bad thing. With the whole of Cornwall waiting for you when you step out the door, booking a cottage here for a holiday could just be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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