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Holiday cottages in Cornwall

2Whether it is due to the economy in general, or the steep increase in the cost of flights, or the euro crisis, or a combination of all three plus a few more reasons thrown in for good measure, more and more of us are opting to take our holidays at home rather than go without them altogether. When it comes to choosing the location for our British holiday, there are few more desirable areas than Cornwall.

With coastlines both on the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall is a totally unique county where life seems to be at a whole different pace. Steeped in legend and folklore and enjoying the best of the British climate, it has managed to maintain its own identity whilst still welcoming millions of visitors every year. If you want the freedom to get the best out of your trip here without being tied to any timetables, then a stay in a cottage will be right up your street.

Holiday cottages in Cornwall offer some of the best choices you will find anywhere, both in type and location. These give you full reign to explore the wild and rugged coastline made so famous in the books by Daphne du Maurier, the miles of moorland, and the quaint villages that seem to have come from a whole different time as they refuse to be dragged into the 21st century.

Another plus from taking up residence in a holiday cottage for a week or two is that there are no restrictions on the hours you keep, and if you get back late at night wearing muddy boots there is no hatchet faced receptionist barking orders at you. The comfort factor is another bonus, as these cottages all have their own unique charm and are a lot more welcoming at the end of a long day sightseeing than a bland, uniform hotel room.

Whether you coming away for a romantic break with a partner of as part of a family group, or even with a group of friends, there are Cornish cottages to suit all needs, and as far as home comforts are concerned they tick all the boxes. They are also found in the most beautiful locations that this stunning county has to offer, and it is here that many of us are able to really leave the rat race behind for a while and learn what relaxing really means.

While rustic looking from the outside, the interiors are all decorated to the highest standard and have all the mod cons you need for a perfect retreat in the countryside, or overlooking the sea.  There is also an increasing number that welcome pets, so if you consider your dog to be a member of the family and refuse to leave him at home, then there are also cottages that will welcome you all.

If you have yet to discover the magic of Cornwall then now is the perfect time, and to make your first trip that bit more special, the freedom and luxury afforded by a holiday cottage will create memories that last a lifetime.

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