Cornwall Tourism Guide

Holiday Parks

Holiday parks in Cornwall have been a big part of the British holiday scene since the 1950s, and really took off towards the end of the 1960s when new roads in the county, as well as brand-new motorways further north made Cornwall’s holiday parks far more accessible and enticing.

Many of the parks boomed almost out of control during this period that people had money in their pockets to spend on the annual pilgrimage south to the sunny shores that surround England’s most southerly county. This was the period when people had cash in their pockets but not quite enough to venture into the unknown waters of the Spanish Costas.

They continued to flourish through most of the 70s until foreign holidays became the aspiration of most people wanting to get away from it all for their annual break. But holiday parks did manage to adapt to the new conditions and survive a difficult period.

Then in the late 90s holiday parks in Cornwall, as well as other parts of the country, realised that British holidaymakers now wanted more from them than they had previously been used to delivering. This was a blessing in disguise as massive modernisation and the introduction of new facilities brought Cornwall’s holiday parks into the 21st century offering all kinds of exciting new enticements that began to draw back the crowds.

Since then the holiday parks in Cornwall have again flourished and have continued to modernise and expand to a now very high level of quality with many new facilities adding a great deal of fun to a fortnight in England’s most unspoilt county.

Cornwall has so much to offer in the way of stunning and endless beaches combined with unspoilt countryside, as well past a great history and culture waiting to be explored. Now with the addition of modern Cornish holiday parks a family can truly enjoy the very British tradition of a fortnight of unbridled fun.

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