Cornwall Tourism Guide

Luxury Hotels in Cornwall

When staying in Luxury hotels in the UK, Cornwall is definitely a spot worthwhile visiting.

Its beautiful sights and astonishing nature are truly unique throughout the United Kingdom. It has been for quite some years, since the late 60s and early 70s, that Cornwall developed into more and more of a tourist destination. Despite its relative distance from other hotspots throughout the UK, Cornwall distinguishes itself through its scenery and rather mild climate.

Cliffs and beaches are the most frequent image on postcards truly representing the tourist interest. As it is surrounded by the English Channel and the Celtic Sea those occur in great numbers, one scene more stunning than the other.

During your stay in the luxury hotels of Cornwall it is not only the Tate Gallery, Tintagle Castle or the Barbra Hepworth museum that should be visited. Allow yourself an insight into true Celtic traditions to experience the outstandingly vibrant and animating folk music. Entertainment provided for by exciting Cornish rugby games or whilst watching a typical Cornish wrestling match.

While staying in luxury hotels in the UK, like for example in Cornwall, the British kitchen needs to be explored. Better than its reputation you can try the famous Cornish Pasty – a pastry that nowadays usually contains beef, onion and potatoes. A new experience will also be a Cornish desert, such as Saffron cake or Cornish fairings biscuits.

And, without worries, at your luxury hotel ‘real’ English will be spoken, not the English with the heavy Cornish accent.

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