Cornwall Tourism Guide

Geevor Tin Mine

Geevor tin mine is in Penzance in the far South West of Cornwall. If you are on holiday in the area and fancy a change then a day out visiting the Geevor tin mine might be of interest. The mine was a working mine for more than eighty years from 1909 to 1991 when it ceased operation. Geevor is now a museum and heritage centre and shows the living history of the mine. The site is open to the public as a tourist attraction and covers more than sixty acres, which makes it the largest tin mine site in Britain.

In 2006 the site was recognised as a heritage site by UNESCO and benefited from almost four million pounds of Heritage Lottery Funding. While visitors can see how a working tin mine operated the Hard Rock museum is part of the final stage of the site’s development. The museum tells the story of tin mining in Cornwall and in Geevor in particular and uses historical recordings to show visitors what life was like for the people who worked in the mine. Visitors are able to walk around the mine buildings and see the original mining equipment and then an underground tour of Wheal Mexico which is an eighteenth century mine.

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