Cornwall Tourism Guide

Kit Hill

The Duchy of Cornwall used to own Kit Hill but presented it to Cornwall County Council in 1985 as a celebration of the birth of Prince William. Kit Hill is situated between Dartmoor and Cornwall’s Bodmin Moor. The hill is a rugged venue famous for its wonderful scenic views as well as its plants and tress. The hill is around four hundred acres in size and is probably the most dominant land feature of East Cornwall.

At a thousand feet above sea level Kit Hill is the highest point of the Tamar Valley area and the most westerly point of Hingston Down. The whole area is regarded as having an outstanding natural beauty with some o Cornwall’s most impressive views. It is possible to see 37 miles south to the Eddington Lighthouse on a clear day and you can see the River Tamar as it winds its way through the ancient woodlands. Kit Hill has been shaped by more than five thousand years of human history and is an important point ancient people used the hill for agriculture and for religious rites. Kit Hill and the surrounding area are covered in barrows, field systems dating back to the Bronze Age and strange circular enclosures.

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