Cornwall Tourism Guide

Land’s End

Land’s End is seen as part of Cornwall; it is an oddity and has been privately owned for many years. The Romans referred to Land’s End as the Seat of Storms and it is a place that people have visited for generations. The first buildings on Land’s End are believed to date back to the middle of the nineteenth century. Land’s End is often seen as the most southerly part of England and the western most point of the British Isles as a whole.

Land’s End itself is a grassy slope that ends in a 59ft high granite cliff and it is an area that has been under private ownership since 1987 and tourists are only allowed to look around it for a fee. There are gift shops and various attractions on Land’s End that have been added over the years. The man who bought it, Peter de Savary, had two new building erected and he also began much of the theme park that now exists there. He also renovated the hotel that had been there since Victorian times.

From Land’s End you can see the Longships Lighthouse just a few miles out halfway between Lands End and the Isles of Scilly lies what is believed to be the mythical land of Lyonesse that is spoken of in some of the legends about King Arthur and his knights. Lands End is often used as a means of outlining the length of Britain for charitable walks etc that take place between Land’s End and the Scottish village of John ‘O’ Groats, which is the most northerly place in mainland Britain.

The present owners of Land’s End bought it from Peter de Savary in 1996, when the company Heritage Attractions was formed, the company now owns other landmarks around the UK, including the village of John ‘O’ Groats and Lightwater Valley Theme Park among other things. The owners of Land’s End have always owned what are known as the first and last inns where people used to stay, and the present owners now have these. Regular events are held on Land’s End including an air sea rescue day and in the summer there are firework spectaculars.

Probably the biggest attraction of Lands End is its location and its wonderful views. Visitors can walk along the coastal path on the cliff and see right across the ocean and closer at hand the rock formations at the shore.

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