Cornwall Tourism Guide

Sennen Cove

Sennen cove is in the South Western end of Cornwall and just a mile from Land’s End. The cove is protected from the storms that can plague the Atlantic by Pedn-men-du headland and tucked into the corner of Whitesand Bay. The view from Sennen Cove shows the Brisons Reef and the only cape in England, Cape Cornwall, in the far distance. In the past Sennen Cove was where pilchard fishing took place but now there are only a few commercial fishing boats in the area and so the cove is a largely unspoiled area of Cornwall.

Sennen Cove is now a popular holiday destination in Cornwall and there are quite a few moored boats and lobster pots for holiday makers to be wary of. The breakwater can be dangerous even though it looks very beautiful. In the area the award winning West Cornwall Beach is extremely popular with families but because it is off the beaten track is rare for the beach to be over crowded. There are a few shops and cafes in the cove where visitors can buy beach wear and get something to eat. The area is also popular with surfers and there is a surf shop open in the surfing season.

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