Cornwall Tourism Guide

St. Michael’s Mount

St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall has a long history and is the place that used to link Cornwall to the rest of the world. The Mount was a thriving trade and seaport from the coming of the Romans two thousand years ago, which turned the Mount into a religious centre for the next hundred years.  In the fifth century it was reputed that St. Michael the Archangel had appeared on the mount to a group of fishermen When the Normans invaded Britain in the eleventh century the Abbey was given to Benedictine monks and as miracles were reputed to have happened in the thirteenth century, the Mount became a place of pilgrimage for many.

This small island was the place where the first beacon was lit in 1588 warning of the arrival of the Spanish Armada. During the civil war in the seventeenth century, a good part of Cornwall was in sympathy with the Royalists and 1642 and 1646 they held the Mount from the onslaught of Cromwell’s troops. Visitors can see the castle on the Mount and can walk through the eighteenth century village. If you are interested in the long history of Britain then if you visit Cornwall, you should not miss a visit to St. Michael’s Mount.

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