Cornwall Tourism Guide

The Eden Project

The Eden Project in Cornwall in the UK has involved the building of what has been referred to as the world’s largest greenhouse. The greenhouse or greenhouses attracts millions of visitors to the UK each year and the greenhouse itself has been used to house a collection of plants from all over the world. The greenhouse has been built over what was an unused china clay pit. The glasshouse buildings are known as biomes, there are paths between them showing the planted landscapes the vegetable gardens, and various sculptures, including that of a giant bee.

The larger of the two greenhouses is the tropical biome and is 180ft high, 326ft wide and 656 feet long. This particular biome is used for growing banana, coffee, rubber and bamboo trees, as well as for a variety of other plants and is kept at a tropical heat with the required level of moisture. The Mediterranean biome covers 1.6 acres and houses Mediterranean type plants such as olives and grapes, as well as display of different sculptures. Finally the outdoor biome houses plants that come from temperate areas of the world including lavender, hemp, sunflowers and hops.

The biomes themselves are built from tubular steel space frames with thermoplastic external cladding panels. The structure is self supporting and needs no extra supports. The Eden project uses computer controlled environments for the different biomes, the entire project is managed by McLain. The Eden project was properly opened to the public in the spring of 2001 and over the last eight or nine years has played host to a number of different musical projects. In 2007 the sponsors of the Eden project ran a huge pub quiz for people all over Cornwall in an attempt to being lottery funding into the area. Since December 2009 it has been possible to view the Eden project via Google street maps.

People can holiday near the Eden Project and it is possible to hire holiday cottages and camping close to the project itself. The Eden Project is open all year round except for the 24th and 25th December. You should remember that people come from all over the world to visit the project and certain days, Wednesdays for example, can get particularly busy. In the previous three winters the Eden Project has also hosted an ice rink in the vicinity, so there is plenty going on for visitors to enjoy.

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